Before I can even remember, I have been obsessed with horses. As a 3 year old, I had my first pony ride. By the time I was 4, I was in weekly lessons at the local up-down pony farm. Come middle school I was volunteering at the farm to help with lessons, camps and barn chores whenever I had the chance. 

Fast forward to my teenage years, I was offered a working student position with a new trainer in the area. I kept up as a working student for nearly a decade, following my trainer to 4 different farms. In my time with her I learned so much about farm management, fox hunting, producing hunters and sport horses, riding problem horses, bringing along green horses, handling rehabs and more.

I loved my time as a working student and learned more than I could have imagined, but I had an itch that wasn’t being scratched. I did what any reasonable person would do and I bought myself a horse. Of course the horse I chose had to be the most challenging horse I had ever worked with. She really helped to shape my whole philosophy on horses and training.  I started learning about pressure and release — and about positive reinforcement — and I started taking dressage lessons. Things started to really click.

Before I knew it, another lucky opportunity came my way. I was offered a weekend job teaching riding lessons at an established farm in Baltimore County. I loved teaching from the start. All those lessons I was taking with my own horse helped me to have a broad base of knowledge to bring to my students.

A few years later I decided in addition to teaching I wanted to run my own barn, giving my the opportunity to really have a full boarding and training program.  I am very hands on which helps me to be sure that I am not missing anything in the horses care regiments, which helps to ensure their success under saddle. In addition to instructing, training and running my barn, I am sure to keep up on lessons for myself. I have worked with so many great trainers, including rated dressage judges, 5 star eventers and  pro show jumpers. Each trainer has helped me not only with my riding and my own horses, but also with my teaching. I love having the influence of new knowledge, skills and exercises to bring into my own teaching and training.